Must Sees

Tokyo is the capital of Japan. The public transportation there is the Tokyo Metro, and it moves about 6 million passengers every day.

Fashion lovers will enjoy Harajuku bridge near the Meiji Jingu Shrine. You can catch a baseball game is the Tokyo dome. Kareoke is a popular activity in Tokyo as well. Another popular activity is to enjoy a geisha dinner or tea ceremony, and experience the traditional Japanese art.

Mt Fuji measures 3776 m. It is an active volcano, and most climbers visit between July and October.
As well as a vibrant city life, Japan has adrenaline boosting activities like skiing, snorkeling, surfing, and hiking, which is one of Japan’s national past times. The Japanese Alps in Honshu are a popular destination for nature lovers as well as skiiers and snowboarders. For foreigners, the most popular resort is Niseko because it is English friendly.

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Kyoto is home to over 1600 Buddhist temples and 400 shinto temples. Two of the most popular temples are Fushimi Inari and Toji Temple. Some will allow you to do a temple stay, where you become immersed in the lifestyle of a Buddhist monk.

Japan has many shrines and temples. Some other unique Japanese experiences are making a visit to a cat cafe or petting deer in Nara. Nara is filled with temples and castles.

You can take some time for yourself and rejuvenate at an onsen, which is a hot spring naturally heated by the country’s volcanos. These are nude baths, and you should wash off carefully before entering the water so you are clean.In most onsen, photography is not allowed. You enter the water with a towel, and place it on your head or outside while you’re in the water.

Tochigi is considered one of the best spots for autumn leaves. Sakurajima is an active volcano that is visible erupting from the nearby city.

Japan has a rich culture of traditional arts. One is kabuki. Kabuki is the traditional Japanese theater that combines drama, dance and elaborate makeup. You can visit a kabuki theater and enjoy one of their shows.

The ancient city of Kamakura is a popular spot, and it is located right on the coastline. Biking is a popular activity here, as well as visiting sacred temples or shrines.

The capital of Hokkaido is Sapporo, and it is one of Japan’s largest cities. In the summer there is a yosakoi dance festival, and in the winter there is a snow festival. The dance festival has around 300 dance teams and about 30,000 dancers.

Arcades are popular, as Japan is home to many technology companies and the birthplace of many video games.

Nagano is a mountainous prefecture that is home to the Matsumoto Castle, which is one of Japan’s best castles. The Japanese Macaque, or the snow monkeys, live here.
Okinawa is a unique island chain made up of 8 islands.

The region of Okinawa considers itself a different culture than the mainland Japan, and they call themselves uchinanchu (沖縄人) or “sea people”. The most famous thing about okinawa is that it is considered the birthplace of karate. They have their own language, and while it is in the Japonic language family, many Japanese speakers cannot understand it. The climate here is tropical.
Miyagi hosts a Tanabata Festival in the summer.
Miyazaki has a beautiful natural gorge, and was a popular spot for honeymooners.